Truesounds Music pres. Hunter/Game (Afterlife)

Truesounds Music pres. Hunter/Game (Afterlife)

Truesounds Music pres. Hunter/Game (Afterlife)
Saturday 23:30
Concert Hall

Truesounds Music pres. Hunter/Game (Afterlife)

  • Electronic

This will be our second time in February in Budapest and there will be none in March. We break the on party per one month series, but we love to do so if we have to adjust to the guest performer's calendar.

We continue servising high quality music and will blast another melodic bomb that picks up the power of the dark side again.

It would be a waste of characters if we started presenting HUNTER/GAME here. We want to put together another party so that those who come will know exactly what they are looking for on the parquet floor and what awaits them from the speakers.

ATTENTION! The official line-up of Hunter/Game production is that only one member will perform a DJ set. LIVE productions and festivals feature the duet line up. We hope LIVE will get together some time later on.

It will be huge, we are waiting for you again with your love of music!

Line up:

Hunter/Game (Afterlife, Just This)

Peter Makto & Gregory S



The venue