Hate (PL), Deule (FR), Morvigor (NL)

Hate (PL), Deule (FR), Morvigor (NL)

Hate (PL), Deule (FR), Morvigor (NL)
Tuesday 19:30
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Hate (PL), Deule (FR), Morvigor (NL)

  • Metal


Since 1991 Hate have lived up to their name, responsible for some of the angriest and most ruthless death metal unleashed upon the world. With 2017's Tremendum they took a step toward a darker, more atmospheric, black metal-oriented style and began exploring Slavonic mysticism, and new album Auric Gates Of Veles boldly continues in that direction. "We wanted to go deeper into the subject, both musically and lyrically," asserts vocalist/guitarist ATF Sinner. "We also wanted to record a sharper and better defined rhythm section, a more death metal-oriented one. When it comes to guitar sound, it was meant to be a wall of sonic destruction with dark ambient elements in the background." To say that they achieved that which they set out to create is an understatement, for Auric Gates Of Veles is a titanic record that is both more organic and dynamic sounding, and may well be the finest of their storied career.



Formed at the end of 2020 in the grayness of the river banks from which the band takes its name, Deûle depicts our existential wandering in the constant strain of our urban lives. The gray, foggy and threatening city is the backdrop for this wandering, embodied here by the city of Lille, from which Deûle draws its inspiration and imagery.

Deûle plays Synth Doom, a dark Noise Rock with strong Black Metal, Indus and Doom accents, with a sound shaped by weirdo synths and synthetic bass. The strident guitar and drums, topped off with electronics and cymbals, create a sound overhung by a voice that ranges from fragility to heartbreak and madness.

After releasing a demo single in November 2021, the band played their first shows in Lille (La Malterie, La Brat Cave) before releasing a 4-track demo in July 2022 with a release party at La Bulle Café, followed by a 5-date mini-tour in France and the Netherlands in October with Iskandr (NL) and Lassolas (Fr).

Deûle has recorded its first EP in February 2023 at La Malterie, to be released before the end of 2023, and is determined to support it on the roads of Europe starting this fall with 10 shows in France, Spain and Portugal with Wyatt E (Be).


Inspired by an extensive list of bands, ranging from Mayhem to Pink Floyd and from Morbid Angel to Joy Division, Morvigor plays their own take on expressive Black/Death Metal. Psychedelic clean parts are followed by dirty punk riffs and finished by melancholic climaxes. Euphoric and down-hearted. Experimental and conservative. Uplifting and enthralling.Morvigor long awaited new full length will be released in February 2024.

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