hari_drama sʊl band & Nagy Emma Quintet

hari_drama sʊl band & Nagy Emma Quintet

hari_drama sʊl band & Nagy Emma Quintet
Thursday 19:30

hari_drama sʊl band & Nagy Emma Quintet

  • Rock

Life is unpredictable.

An unfathomable amount of data is constantly coming from the Universe from all directions, from outside and inside, and over the years we have learned how to filter these unbridled, dazzling, renewing, heavy, huge, lively, incessant, maddeningly real energies in such a way that so as not to click (completely).However, this resulted in other problems. Our antennae are dusty, and information moves only along the well-trodden paths in our brain's neural pathways.A system update would be nice.This unexpected collaboration was created precisely for this purpose, the Nagy Emma Quintet, celebrating its 5th birthday this year, and the hari_drama sʊl band will attempt to shake things up.If you feel you need a spiritual cold shower, we look forward to welcoming you on June 1st on the roof terrace of the A38 ship!

course of the evening:19:00 - doors open

19:30 - Great Emma Quintet

20:45 - hari_drama sʊl band

artwork: Gergő Sorti Nagy

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