Hania Rani (PL)

Hania Rani (PL)

Hania Rani (PL)
Sunday 19:30
Concert Hall

Hania Rani (PL)

  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Classical music

Hania Rani, the Polish pianist and composer, will give a concert in the A38 Great Hall on May 15!

Her talent has been rewarded with numerous accolades and awards since the beginning of her career.

She released her latest album in January 2022, the works of which she will also bring to the audience of the Ship.

In her music, she revives a complex feeling and memory, the discovery of a landscape. But it also draws inspiration from architecture and design. Every form or color is a feeling that you translate into the language of music.

"When someone is lost, they can find a home in themselves - which can mean a lot of things - soul, imagination, mind, intuition, passion. I strongly believe that we can find peace with ourselves in uncertain times and unstable lives. to express with my music - someone can travel the whole world and yet see nothing. It's not where we go, it's how much we are able to observe and listen to the things around us.


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Hania Rani (PL)

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