Gary Moore Memorial 2019

Gary Moore Memorial 2019

Gary Moore Memorial 2019
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

Gary Moore Memorial 2019

The brilliant guitarist and songwriter of his generation who deceased eight years ago after more than four decades of endlessly colorful and contentious career was not only a major figure in rock and blues genres but a brilliant guitarist who we can name as the greatest among all. Since spring 2012 every year brings a great celebration and will so in April 2019 again for the Hungarian and foreign fans, friends, musicians and family members a meeting occasion in Budapest with a rock, blues-rock concert at the A38 Ship's Concert hall to pay a tribute with a guitar memorial to the immense musical heritage of Gary Moore. On April 4 we will be celebrating the 67th birthday of one of the most influential blues-rock guitarists ever, Gary Moore.

Performing bands:
Run For Power (HUN)
Ben Granfelt Band (FIN)
Noely Rayn (GRE)


Fred Chapellier (FRA)

Jasmine Wynants-Granfelt (FIN)

Tommy Katona (HUN/USA)
Somogyi Remig (HUN)

Petruska András (HUN)


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