Freakency - Gábor Németh's illusionist show

Freakency - Gábor Németh's illusionist show

Freakency - Gábor Németh's illusionist show
Sunday 20:00
orr stúdió

Freakency - Gábor Németh's illusionist show

A spectacular production combining danger, challenges and extremism, at the heart of which is the knowledge of ourselves, the crossing of our own borders. A program in which the refinement, coordination, amplification, and exclusion of the senses play a major role. Thanks to the unexpected and surprising turns, excitement and amazement are guaranteed!

Freakency is a modern, next-generation magic show that offers an unforgettable experience through its interactivity and unique visuals. Because of its shape breakdown, it refutes the magician’s stereotypes, taking the entertainment experience to a new level. Interactive, dynamic, youthful and spectacular.

In the program, Gábor presents his preparation process during the increasingly difficult tasks until the final rehearsal. Through its directness, it creates a much more intimate relationship with the audience, so they too can feel completely at home in the production, as they will be active participants in the magic.


Magician: Gábor NÉMETH
Assistant magician: Tamás NAGY (nox)

Staff members:
Design: PÁLMAI Levente
Lighting technology: Attila HAMZA, Márk ERDÉSZ
Sound technology: KISS - VÁMOSI Brigitta
Trainee: Albert KOCSIS

The show is not recommended for children under 16.

The venue

orr stúdió