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Cancelled: Fish!

Cancelled: Fish!

Cancelled: Fish!
Saturday 19:00
Concert Hall

Cancelled: Fish!

  • Metal
  • Rock

This concert is cancelled. All redeemed tickets are valid for the Fish! concert a day earlier, on the 26Th...

Fish! is the best example how to melt together funk, metal, rock and whatever else into a uniquely fresh and powerful pop mix. A huge party ahead!


The band formed back in 99 has after many changes ended up in its present form of four musicians. In their music you can trace elements from pop, funky and hiphop up to metal melted together with a lot of fun. They regard as their masters Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smash Mouth, Incubus and others. During the last five years they have played more hundreds of gigs, and started recently playing on huge and recognized festivals. Their first album that brought them real success is titled First of Many.

Line up
Krisztin Kovcs: vocals
Mtys Gajdai: guitar, vocals
Zsolt Binges: bass guitar
Dvid Hmori: drums



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