Fine Selection #120 x Fidull

Fine Selection #120 x Fidull

Fine Selection #120 x Fidull
Thursday 17:00

Fine Selection #120 x Fidull

  • Electronic

The full and full years have been the basic vocabulary of the night in Budapest, which the party terminators in Nagykáta often strike with an ID to understand their secret language only in the underground circles. This is how Fidull was born nearly 2 years ago to fill the gap between electronic music magazines that we have been waiting for for a long time. Despite his young age, the project soon brought together a great company, which was crowned with a series of parties and a publisher by the guys led by Robert Dobak and Gábor Gallai (Golyó). Robi is a long time returning guest and we are finally celebrating his birthday with us again after 2 years. Despite his young age, he is a great selector and one of the few who is at home in several genres. The shorts, Cassiel, which is good for all seasons, also comes back to us, and his English-Hungarian blood has given him a great musical taste, which he will not regret showing us.

Of course, Fidull, famous for his long hours, can’t be left without AFTER, which will be held for the first time at the Nose Studio, right under the Nose Terrace, from 10 p.m.

● Robert Dobak birthday [fidull]

● Cassiel [fidull]

● Electric Boutique [fine selection]

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