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Bedroom  The 10+1 Birthday Rave

Bedroom The 10+1 Birthday Rave

Bedroom  The 10+1 Birthday Rave
Thursday 17:00

Bedroom The 10+1 Birthday Rave

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Unfortunately, our plans for last year were slightly rewritten by the pandemic and we were unable to keep our 10th birthday. Therefore, this year it is appropriate to make up for this twice. True to the onions, the founding trio will play a 5-hour sunset set, after 10pm, although we will move up to the Roof Terrace, where 4 patent b2b sets await us until dawn.

Bow Terrace 5 pm-11 pm

Electric Boutique



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The "Bedroom 10 1" can be visited with a security card / application and the presentation of a valid identity card or passport in accordance with current legislation. We ask everyone to buy a ticket with this in mind. Tickets purchased without this will not be redeemable.

Advance ticket: 1000 HUF / 1000 HUF (you are guaranteed to enter at any time)

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