Felső Tízezer, Barkóczi Noémi

Felső Tízezer, Barkóczi Noémi

Felső Tízezer, Barkóczi Noémi
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

Felső Tízezer, Barkóczi Noémi

  • Pop

Felső Tízezer

Felső Tízezer, known for its sweeping guitar music, sweeping choruses and affectionately cynical lyrics, has existed since 2015, and since then they have released four albums. Combining the traditions of powerpop and alternative music, the band maintains a close relationship with the DIY/do-it-yourself movement, which can be seen in action in their video clips, publications and concerts. In 2022, the band presented its fourth album called Elkerülhetetlen.


Noémi Barkóczi 

For a long time, there was silence around Noémi Barkóczi, who released her first album five years ago, entitled Nem gyák here. The singer-songwriter, known for his songs with a unique tone, has spectacularly faded into the background in recent years, but in the second half of last year he recorded a new LP entitled Dolgom olga with Barna Szőke (The Qualitons, MYGL, Márton Hó és a Jégkorszak) and Kristóf Gulyás (Márton Hó és a Jégkorszak , Jazzékiel, mius). From the songs of the new album, Noémi's characteristic universe is immediately recognizable, which sounds with an even more colorful and braver arrangement than the previous ones. The LP, nominated for this year's Phonogram award, is performed on stage - after a change of members - in a full band line-up, in addition to Noémi Barkóczi and Kristóf Gulyás with Szilvia Várnai (Nunki Bay Starship, mius, Mayberian Sanskülotts, Antonia Vai, Jónás Vera Experiment) and Marci Bognár.

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