Fekete Jenő album-release

Fekete Jenő album-release

Fekete Jenő album-release
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

Fekete Jenő album-release

  • Blues

Hungarian blues legend Jenő Fekete finally releases his solo album in 2019 - that will be celebrated at the A38 ship with his rocking sound and heart-like soul featuring prominent musicians of the Hungarian music scene. 
The album, though fed by American blues roots, is Hungarian in izs every taste, spirit, vocabulary and word; The words of Attila Valla are about Jenő and his generation, a joy of passing half a century, music and silence: from life - from gold to silver, from gold to mud. 
His sound was inspired by smoky blues, a rocky rock'n'roll, and a soft floating sophisticated pop culture.

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