Építészfesztivál 2024 / Sunday

Építészfesztivál 2024 / Sunday

Építészfesztivál 2024 / Sunday
Sunday 10:00

Építészfesztivál 2024 / Sunday

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Architectural Festival organized by the architectural forum.

During the day, current architectural topics, roundtable discussions, lectures, music programs in the evening.

Motto: Architecture is a public matter!

Over the past half year, the readers of the architectural forum have been investigated in profound questions about the profession and the fate of our cities. Each month, we have promoted a professional dialogue for a new topic to conflict the thoughts, ideas and visions of the social and built environment around us. We brought to light these common thoughts by publishing the writings of architects, sociologists, literary artists, activists, urbanists, opinion leaders, economic professionals, historians, and thinkers responsible and passionate about the formation of our built environment.

Summary of the topic in the form of lectures and roundtable discussions now exits the online space and is published in the architectural festival.

Serious subjects are complemented by lighter yet professional programs during the day, and it is worth browsing between specialties. In the evenings, music plays a key role.

It would be a pity to miss it!

Detailed program:

Saturday, May 25, 2024

10.00 Opening

10.15-12.30 What will happen to you? Mini or Maxi Dubai?

13.30-14.45 A38 Ship Watch with Designer

13.55-14.25 Workshop: Danuceem

14.30-15.00 Guide: FFF 2023

15.00-17.15 Architecture and digitalization

17.45-19.45 Arciquiz

20.15-23.30 DJ COOL

Sunday, May 26, 2024

10.00 greeting

10.15-11.45 Where do you go? The varying role and judgment of the architect

13.00-14.45 A38 ship tour with designer

13.55-14.25 Workshop: Danuceem

14.30-15.00 Guide: FFF 2023

15.00-16.45 Modernisms: Style? Era? Ideology?

17.20-19.00 postmodern

19.00-23.30 Crazy Little Queen Tribute Band; Dj mg

Complete program review: https://www.epiteszfesztival.hu/

Entry tickets shall, within their validity period, entitle (non -transferable) to multiple entry, and entitle to participate in the professional, accompanying (except archiquiz) and music programs within a given day of 2024. Entry for people under the age of 14 (with adult escort only) is free.

The Archiquiz entry fee (4000,- HUF) provides a full Saturday daily entry for 4 persons, in which case no separate Saturday ticket is required. Entry to fill in the application form can be: https://forms.gle/jszsvkowtpyez19e77, the architectural forum will send an invoice to pay the entry fee.

The architectural festival entrants are not valid for other events in parallel on the ship!

The event was accredited by the Hungarian Chamber of Architects as a professional training: 2 points / day (2024/132)

Daily Menu Offer (Ticket Price No (!) Included, Available and Payable on site)

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Menu A - 5,500 Ft

Beef goulash soup with a pinch, with fresh bread

Sonka-Sazek-Lilac Cremel with a deer of potato puree

Menu B - 4,000 Ft

Ranger cream soup, mint green apple with foam

Coconut milk red lentils with curry, basmati rice

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Menu a - 5,900 Ft

Crusty goat cheese to challenge with pine -seeded salad

Pork virgin wrapped in Serrano Sonka with a leco

Menu B - 4,900 Ft

Thai coconut soup with tofu

A38 Vega Burger

The venue