Pesti Estek

Pesti Estek: Emma Ruth Rundle (US), Jaye Jayle (US, ex-Young Widows)

Emma Ruth Rundle has already played memorable gigs at the Ship with her two bands, the Red Sparowes and the Marriages and last year in solo proving that with her atmospheric guitar play and marvellous goth folk songs she can really stun her audience. This year she released an album with ex Young Widows' Jaye Jayle titled The Time Between Us. The November weather and the panorama from the A38 Ship's art gallery will provide a perfect ambient for their poetic impressive and moving duo.

Emma Ruth Rundle (US)

The singer and guitarist for California post-rock/psych-metal outfit Marriages, a member of Isis-connected post-rockers Red Sparowes, and frontwoman for atmospheric psych-folk/slowcore collective Nocturnes, Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle issued a collection of ambient, experimental guitar compositions through bandcamp before releasing a proper solo album. The resulting Some Heavy Ocean, an evocative and cathartic set of Mazzy Star-meets-Swans space/post-folk-rock that was written and recorded at the home studio of Sargent House, the Echo Park-based indie label responsible for issuing Marriages' 2012 debut Kitsune, was released in May 2014. After the 2015 release of Marriages' Salome, Rundle issued her brooding sophomore studio LP, Marked for Death, again via Sargent House, in 2016.

Jaye Jayle (US)

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