EMELET Projekt

EMELET Projekt

EMELET Projekt
Tuesday 14:00
Concert Hall

EMELET Projekt

  • Pop

Emelet gig and TV-Recording in the Renewed Acoustics Serie at the A38 Ship Concert Hall! You can take part in a limited-capacity TV recording in order of registration which is free. All you have to do is to indicate your will to participate. We ask you to arrive half an hour before the start, so everyone can take their seats in time.

Two members of one of the most successful formations of the 80s ΞMΞLΞT Béla Patkó and Gábor Berkes will be performing at the Acoustic stage. With over 40 years of music history behind their backs, their young audience will be listening to their songs in acoustic instrumentation. The repertoire of the re-concert band, not exclusively of their old hits, Kiki's old and new songs are also on the list of songs. They are also surprised by the Acoustical Audience, and guests join them to record, thus raising the level of performance.

Béla Patkó Kiki - vocals
Gábor Berkes - Keyboard, vocals
Zsolt Hastó - drums, percussion, vocals
Tamás Kelemen - guitar, vocals

Guests: make it a surprise

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