Exhibiton Space

New paintings by drMáriás

"Beautiful pictures from the world of love"

Political, social and psychiatric state of the country shown within the frames of happy dadaism on the paintings of the highly provoking and entertaining artist drMáriás.

Szép képek a szeretet világából - Beautiful pictures from the world of love

Latest paintings by drMáriás take us to the very special, funny and ironic world of East-European historical, political and celebrity icons.
drMáriás takes those common heroes - who are actually anti-heroes most of the dictators and butchers, who represent the stygmatized psychodelic everyday mentality of those living aroung – to the studios of the greates artists of shining situations, so thec wiever gets  in these paintings a special 2 in 1 offer: the horror of the past, mainly from the East mingles with the beauty provided mainly by the West, in a mixture so typical for our present mentality in which every aspect of what is said, shown, presented or meant changes, is understood in a different way, disheard, disnoticed, dismeant, but at the same time looking innocent, nice, it is marketable, yes, even the most horrible dictators, who can become real true entertainers of th ebest kind.

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