(Dolch) (DE), The Answer Lies in the Black Void (NL/HU), Isolationsgemeinschaft (DE)

(Dolch) (DE), The Answer Lies in the Black Void (NL/HU), Isolationsgemeinschaft (DE)

(Dolch) (DE), The Answer Lies in the Black Void (NL/HU), Isolationsgemeinschaft (DE)
Sunday 19:30
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(Dolch) (DE), The Answer Lies in the Black Void (NL/HU), Isolationsgemeinschaft (DE)

  • Electronic
  • Metal
  • Synthwave


The mysterious Dark Rock band (DOLCH) from Berlin, who are known for their ability to blend Doom & Black Metal elements with Gothic Rock, Pop and Ambient, are often compared to DEAD CAN DANCE.

A dagger in a triangle, verbalized as “(DOLCH)”, presents sustained music for the heart, soul and brain. Pushing forward the art instead of any “-ism”, the listener may find the genre on her or his own.

The people behind the project are friendly to cats and to all other kind beings.

Their full-length debut album named Feuer (released 11/2019), which is the first of a three part-album cycle, named Feuer, Nacht & Tod, was produced by Michael Zech and mastered by V. Santura in Woodshed Studios. The second album Nacht will be released in February 2022.


The Answer Lies In The Black Void is the new band of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Bong-Ra and Celestial Season founder Jason Köhnen and Martina Horváth (Thy Catafalque), which was created alongside the transcendental music project MANSUR.

Through their passion for doom metal, Horváth and Köhnen joined forces to present the genre from their own perspective with all its beautiful darkness and from every possible angle - thus creating their own atmospheric avant-doom mix.

After their extremely well-received debut album 'Forlorn', The Answer Lies In The Black Void will return with their second album in autumn 2023. "Thou Shalt" is inspired by Carl Jung's "shadow work" and will be released on Burning World Records, presenting the entire material live for the first time at A38.

Isolationgemeinschaft (DE)

I.G. is a duo attempting to update Germany’s early ’80s Neue Deutsche Welle scene for today’s hyperspeed reality. This initial offering’s title (and presumably the band’s name) translates to English as “Isolation Community,” so you know they’ve got the quarantine blues something fierce. The music errs more towards OMD’s mersh aspirations than DAF’s razor-sharp electronic come-ons. This kind of understated new wave pomp (a contradiction in terms) needs really strong songs to pierce my veil of indifference. The aggressive “Gelande” comes close but is still betrayed by keyboard lines that sound straight out of a Sega Genesis game. “Schockstarre” is grimy and foreboding and probably my favorite track here.

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