DJ Shai Guy (UK)

DJ Shai Guy (UK)

DJ Shai Guy (UK)
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

DJ Shai Guy (UK)

DJ Milendee, Bollywood Táncegyüttes

  • Electronic
  • World music, Folk

Get ready for Budapest's BIGGEST Bollywood Party YET!

Showcasing Top International Bollywood DJ Shai Guy & Hungarian DJ Milendee! Exotic music, mesmerizing dancers, and vibrant spirit. This is Bollywood spirit!

The Bollywood Party starts at 20:00 with live performances of a Bollywood dance group.

London’s DJ Shai Guy’s has performed in top Bollywood parties for the legendary London Bollywood club night Bombay Funkadelic. Other parties where he performed were B4U Nights, sponsored by O2, and The Bollywood Experience, sponsored by Zing! He likes to create mashup fusions of eastern and western songs, serving an appetite for songs that seem familiar yet sound different!!!

DJ Milendee is one of most well known Bollywood DJ in Hungary with past performances at IndiaFest series (West Balkan, Merlin, Spark, The Grund), Cökxôn Café, Sziget Festival, the Night of Museums, Instant and Tilos Radio. She likes to blend popular soundtracks to create amazing fusion mix. Her style includes hip-hop, bollywood, bhangra, reggae, drum’n'base, techno, club, funky funds, chill-lounge.

Limited advance tickets (1000 Ft online)

Ladies enter FREE before 21:00

In addition to a fun night, all attendances are invited for a free trial joga class at Kaya Kalp Yoga Academy.

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