Tilos Rádió Party - Palotai, Cadik, Mango, Titusz, Nixon, Clairvo, Dj Ren, Zomblaze, Carl Oh, Vanis, Slanki

On this night the cream of Hungarian progressive and underground djs will present and prove why their radio is one of the definitely best in Europe and with what and how they have taught generations to freedom, life and music. The party will be held paralelly in two venues to bring you to the top of the joy.

23:30 - 00:30 // TITUSZ
00:30 - 03:30 // PALOTAI, MANGO, CADIK  
03:30 - 05:00 // NIXON & CLAIRVO
23:30 - 05:00 // Dj REN, ZOMBLAZE, CARL OH, VANIS, SLANKI 

DJ Palotai

DJ Palotai probably does not need any introducing. He has been awarded for many years and many times as the best dj. With his almost two decades of huge experience he has been regarded as the the „most repected Hungarian underground” dj. His style is simply impossible to describe, plays drum and bass just like Britney Spears, bossa nova or bangra – what eventually suits best the mood.

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