A38 Night/Life

The Demogorgon Party: Dan Terminus (FR), Tommy '86 (FR), Das Mörtal (CA), Reznyck (FR), Radec

Our springtime Demogorgon-season will reach its final height featuring the return of the great Dan Terminus, the first Budapest gig by Tommy '86, famous producer of Hotline Miami II, the Chilean Das Mörtal's performance. The opening act will be by great young French producer Reznyck, while the resident of the Demogorgon nights Radec will give the last kick on this night with his great set.   This program is realised with the help of Liveeruope, Creative Eurpe's program supporting the international mobility of upcoming talents.

Dan Terminus (FR)

I make electronic music that you can call cyberpunk or retrofuturistic.

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