Czabán György photo exhibition

Exhibition of photos by György Czabán presenting the story how the A38 Ship was built, brought to Budapest and the steps in which it has developed since. An outstanding voyage through time via brilliant photographs!

Czabán György

1957- born in Budapest

1989 - graduated as economist at the Budapest University of Economy

Had numerous great solo exhibitions of photos in Hungary. Some of his most loved pics have been made into hyperrealist paintings. Six huge albums have been made up of his photo-series, one of them presenting the Budapest serie.

Has directed seven movies, fourteen television films and loads of documentaries and short films. Founder and leader of the Közgáz Vizuális Brigád independent film studio, founder and manager for long years of the first avantgarde jazz club in Hungary. Editor and presenter of the leading independent cultural radio station in Hungary, the Tilos Rádió.

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