Budapest Bár

Budapest Bár

Budapest Bár
Sunday 20:00
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Budapest Bár

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The best about Budapest Bar concerts is it that they always bring a different experience. The orchestra chooses from a sea of songs for a concert, depending on the singers, the repertoire is different, and the band usually surprises the audience. It is also good about the Budapest Bar, that it is different for every generation, everyone can be excited about their own pet. Whatever people we ask, everyone loves something else. Since the concerts show different colors, they travel in time, play a wide range of emotions, recall memories and people, while providing a great musical experience. That's how it will be on the A38 Ship. This time the amazing band led by Robert Farkas and Behumi Dori, Nemeth Juci Frenk, György Ferenczi, Tibor Kiss and Szucs Krisztian and Toth Vera will perform

Budapest Bár

The band celebrated its 10th birthday in December 2017 - on this occasion they were summed up and renewed: Best of their album summarized the past and their new album, Budapest, was born. The concert will be a mix of past and future in 2018 on the eve of a new year!

The Budapest release, released in November, is not only special because almost every song is about the capital, but also because of the many songs that have been overwhelmed by their new songs - they show a lot of them, but they also choose from old favorites.

Budapest Although it has become one of Hungary's most popular bands with the gipsy music processing of heart-catching and heart-warming songs. The enchanting appeal of the band is due to the excellent musicians and the cult singers of Hungarian rock music. Originally a single album, Budapest Bar has eleven singers in a totally unique lineup - perhaps this is why it has become the regular performer of the most sought after concert bands, festivals and stage performances. The roots of the unique style of the Budapest Bar are trademarks of the 1920s and 30s cafes in Budapest. Known and popular songs are reinterpreted on the basis of gipsy music, jazz, pop, rock, klezmer and many genres of musical genres, creating the basis for a new musical trend, the gypsy lounge.

The original intention of Budapest Bard's leader and founder, Robert Farkas, was to give new impetus to the genre of the cafe-style gypsy music, keeping and renewing the old traditions. Thanks to the orchestra, long forgotten tunes became part of the culture of public consciousness and young people. Many old songs were popped, forgotten, forgotten, and dressed in a new dress, and recently written a number of new songs. Ages, cultures, styles and ages meet in the production - perhaps young people and older people are fond of the ensemble, which has now become a multi-generation favorite.

The Budapest Bar runs between the musical styles and takes off from everyday life. Joyful to open ears!

The Budapest Bar Orchestra: Róbert Farkas (violin, guitar), Mihály Farkas (cimbalom), Károly Ökrös (accordion, piano), Richárd Farkas (bass), Ferenc Kisvári (drum)




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