The 10 years old Budapest Bár with Adél Jordán and Líviusz Varga

The 10 years old Budapest Bár brings the smoky ambient of the Budapest Café's golden era melted together with the best of jazz, pop and gipsy music on a stormy night with fabulous stars.

Budapest Bár


Budapest Bar is the band and project by Robert Farkas. He is known to the Hungarian audience from the bands Besh o droM, Romano Drom and Little Cow. Started as a gypsy „primas“ in the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra, he set out for various musical excursions in Balkan, jazz, classical, electronic, world and even rock music. During his musical journeys he made friends with these singers and musicians– this is how the idea of Budapest Bar was born. Their first album – called Budapest Bar Volume 1 - is Robert’s first attempt to get Hungarian gypsy music out of nostalgia and make it sound contemporary This will be followed by other surprising, original and interesting music projects.
The crème de la crème of Hungarian pop and rock singers, a „classic“ Hungarian gypsy band with excellent musicians, some gentle electronic beats. Old Hungarian „chansons“ mainly from the 30s and 40s – the smoky atmosphere of the old Budapest bars and cafés. A musical meeting of generations and cultures.

Robert Farkas of Romano Drom and Little Cow invited 10 of the most well known pop and pop singers of Hungary. Frenk (Hiperkarma), András Keleti (Colorstar), Erzsi Kiss (Erik Sumo, Kiss Erzsi Zene), Tibi Kiss (Quimby), László Kollár – Klemencz (Little Cow), András Lovasi (Kispál és a Borz), Juci Németh, Bori Ruttkai (Specko Jedno), Ági Szalóki és Krisztián Szücs (HS7) have been happy to say yes to this exciting collaboration. Robert Farkas and his band Budapest Bar have been entertaining with their band at functions and this is their first “public project“. In the end of the recording, producers Tamás Jutasi and Zoehacker joined in to make the sound even more provoking and contemporary.

These singers are rarely seen on the same stage, especially not with a gypsy band. Hopefully the younger generations will learn these songs again, and who knows, maybe mum and granny will finally listen to our present icons! Some lines of these songs are even familiar with the youngest – from films, from recordings: these are somehow part of our national heritage and common memory. This recording could only be made in Hungary – it brings back the athmosphere of the Budapest cafés, it represents the good old times as well as the present nightlife of Budapest.

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