Bowie and friends vol. 4.: Mick Jagger

Bowie and friends vol. 4.: Mick Jagger

Bowie and friends vol. 4.: Mick Jagger
Wednesday 20:00
Concert Hall

Bowie and friends vol. 4.: Mick Jagger

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Following  David Bowie's death in early 2016, Hungarian musicians decided to nod  to the late artist's work by playing his songs on A38 ship. They had  planned the concert as a one-off tribute, however, both the audience and  the group wanted to repeat the tribute, so decided to conduct a concert  once a year, every year, featuring an artist who was close to Bowie.  First, in 2018 it was Iggy Pop, Lou Reed in 2019 then John Lennon in  2020.

This  time, in September 2021 it will feature Mick Jagger. His friendship  with Bowie goes back to the beginning of the 1970s. David covered "Let's  spend the night together" on his 1973 Aladdin Sane album, and little  known fact that the Stones' hit "It's only rock and roll" was a result  of a jam session with Bowie. Also....who could forget the iconic camp of  "Dancing in the street", that symbolizes the entire 80s?
This show in September, as always, will be unique and one of a kind, as the set is changing every year.

The musicians:

Mrton Andrs (KFT)
Poniklo Imre (amber smith)
Nv Soma (Middlemist Red)
Bognr Zoltn (Hmori Gabriella)
Lzr goston (EstI Kornel)

Robert James Robertson
Szekeres Andrs (Junkies)
Bak Balzs (The Bits)
Szkely Jnos (Meztelen Diplomatk)
Ilis dm (Turn SIgnals)
Stumpf Andrs
Sti Andrea

Sti Barbara

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