Bowie and friends vol.3: John Lennon

Bowie and friends vol.3: John Lennon

Bowie and friends vol.3: John Lennon
Wednesday 20:00
Concert Hall

Bowie and friends vol.3: John Lennon

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"Following the unexpected death of David Bowie in 2016, Hungarian musicians have decided to give Bowie songs a concert featuring details of Bowie's oeuvre on the A38 Ship. While the concert was designed to be only once the audience wanted to shake up, so the team decided to come together for one concert each year and to expand the show with songs from a fellow musician with whom Bowie worked.

For the first time, in 2018, songs by Iggy Pop, for the second time, and in 2019 by Lou Reed.

This time musicians songs will be selected from John Lennon's recordings featuring Bowie. The former member of the Beatles admittedly had a great impact on Bowie. In 1975, at the end of his recordings on the Young Americans album, he invited Bowie invited Lennon to play guitar for the Across the Universe ex-Beatle, and then co-wrote Fame in the studio, bringing Bowie's first American nr1. The friendship lasted until Lennon's death in 1980, and after that Bowie worked on several songs, both in concert and in the studio. The concert, just like the events so far, will be unique and unrepeatable; most of the set is renewed year after year. "

Line up:
Márton András (KFT)
Poniklo Imre (amber smith)
Váczi Eszter
Kirschner Péter (Sziámi and Friends, Bródy János)
Stumpf András (Pear Jam)
Bognár Zoltán (Hámori Gabriella)
Lázár Ágoston (Esti Kornel)
Vidákovich Izsák (Seven Seconds In The Future)
Bakó Balázs (The Bits)
Tajti Szabolcs (Meztelen Diplomaták)
Iliás Adám (Turn Signals)
Szekeres András (Junkies)
Mayer Richárd Noel (The Poster Boy)
Sőti Andrea
Nóvé  Soma (Middlemist Red)

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