Áron András, Lee Olivér

Áron András, Lee Olivér

Áron András, Lee Olivér
Saturday 20:00
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Áron András, Lee Olivér

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Two singer-guitarists on stage: Artisjus award winner András Apey, with his Trillion musician Lee Oliver, takes on acoustic guitar, as in Looking Forward.

In the live video, the two singer-guitarists (Apey is Apey & The Pes, Lee Oliver the wedge band frontrunner) recast the title song of Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young's 1999 final quartet, Looking Forward, for two guitars and four instead of two singing voices. András Áron about their collaboration: “I got into a band with Oliver Lee four to five years ago when he joined us at Trillion. To be honest, I had no idea who he was, what, but from time to time, pretty slowly we always found out that we have a lot of common denominators musically, only he knows what he's doing, I don't (laughs) and we learn a lot from there.


Áron András Apey

Andras Aron or known as "Apey" has a very unique approach to his song writing and lyrics, he is more like a storyteller born in Hun- gary. Despite for being well known in the heavy metal scene, he brings a fresh new context between the boundaries of the Ameri- can folk/country music and grunge from the heart of Europe. The inspiration to launch his solo career in 2007 came from artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, José Gonzales. In 2010 Aron released his first LP "FEATHERS, BLACK FLOWERS" an entire album reflecting to his child- hood and growing up to a deep artistic thinker. Later he also released a short EP in 2012 titled "ORION" with much warmer and darker side of his poetry recorded at his home in Budapest. "I've been focusing on the depth of the vibe and the chemistry while I'm playing it and recording it myself in an empty room, sometimes it's a lot more important to me then the techni- cal details." said Aron. In 2016 Aron released his long awaited second LP "FOXES" inspired by his sleeping problems, nightmares and frustrations while putting it out in a very deep, confident but self ironic form of lyrics such as "Personal Demon" or "True Star". "I wanted to save the same recording method and the atmosphere I creat- ed but in a far more realistic view that anybody can relate to, but most importantly to write it out of myself." Aron said.  This album is clearly the most highly anticipated & well received of his career yet. 





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