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Altin Gün

Altin Gün

Altin Gün
Sunday 20:00
Concert Hall

Altin Gün

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • World music, Folk

Many poets and philosophers have already written about the relationship between the known and the unknown parts of the universe, but there is already a band that can open doors between the two. They are Altin Gn, who mix Turkish folk music with psychedelia, biting guitars and keyboards, who gave their first concert in Hungary on the A38 Boat with great success, and now they return for a kicking merry carnival addition.

Altin Gün, based in Amsterdam, started their journey with Turkish, Indonesian and Dutch musicians, who have already successfully performed their genre-creating songs across the continent, from Western Europe to Istanbul. Their main inspiration is the modernized Turkish folk music of the 70s, which they boldly mix with the musical influences of their own age. Their art is a set that has never been dead before, based on a Turkish lute called saz, also known as baglama - paired with a traditional beat bands instrument park to create the off-the-shelf mix that has been the hallmark of their sound since the beginning.

The fruit of their work so far has been two major records - Gece 2019 and On 2018 - with which, in the context of the present, they continue the art of their Turkish predecessors of the 70s; adding them with elements so that every psychedelic music fan could write their songs on a recipe.




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