Luxury New Year's Eve All Night Long

Luxury New Year's Eve All Night Long

Luxury New Year's Eve All Night Long
Monday 19:00
Exhibition space

Luxury New Year's Eve All Night Long

Concert + Dinner Ticket 

(Limit of 36, includes Péterfy Bori concert and Bladerunnaz Party tickets)

(Further reservation information to be confirmed in the restaurant either by e-mail or phone to ensure adequate seating in the exhibition space if more than 2 tickets are bought)


Cold appetizer

Fatty duck liver with walnut crumble crumbs - 1 glass of Brebis Rosé champagne


Rosemary lamb ragout soup - 1 glass of Nyakas Irsai Olivér white wine

Warm appetizer

Rolled trotters with fried beetroot and tomato sauce - 1 glass of Gere Portugieser red wine

Main course

Stewed deer thigh with potato dough and cranberry-chestnut ragout - 1 glass of St. Andrea Pinot Noir red wine


Vanilla-coconut mousse with white butter scotch - 1 glass of Oremus Sweet Szamorodni wine

During the entire evening, unlimited amount of refreshing drinks, mineral water, coffee and tea can be consumed at the A38 exhibition space.

The venue

Exhibition space