30Y / Vendég: 4Bards / A38 / 0427

30Y / Vendég: 4Bards / A38 / 0427

30Y / Vendég: 4Bards / A38 / 0427
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

30Y / Vendég: 4Bards / A38 / 0427

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  • Rock


time is linear. then the calculation is that 30Y is 23 years old. easy to count from 2000. time is circular. then the count is that there is a band from flowering to defoliation, from defoliation to flowering, called 30Y. things repeat, and it's good that they repeat. you buy the annual sticker for the band bus, you join the tour, you record the record, you fill a glass of wine, you run out of cigarettes, there are no towels in the accommodation. or you are happy because there is. you lose you find you lose or you find it, you lose it, you find it. it depends on where you pause. let's say you found it.

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30Y was first formed, created, then forming, reformed, progressed, on its own way, inexperienced for the walk, and records, concerts, all-and-all, boasting, can be described in such a way, and so big, so big , how big, no, bigger, the more they have come here, new album, they have this obsession with songs that are important, more important than anything. 

who else to hug - this is the title of the new album.

Line up
Beck Zoltán: vocals, guitar
Beck László: drums
Varga Ádám: bass guitar
Sárközy Zoltán: keyboards




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