August 15. - 21.

Every weekday between 12:00 and 15:00. Prices: soup 800 HUF, main course 1600 HUF, dessert 800 HUF. Two courses for 2000 HUF or three courses for 2400 HUF

  • August 15. Monday

    August 15. Monday

    Celery cream soup (G, L, Z)
    Fried chicken breast, corn rice (T, G,)
    A: Fried cauliflower, corn rice (T,G)
    Creme brulee (L,)
  • August 16. Tuesday

    August 16. Tuesday

    Bean soup (Z, L, T)
    Cottage cheese pasta with bacon (G, T, L)
    A: Nut pasta (Walnut, G, T)
    Pancakes with Nutella (L, G, T)
  • August 17. Wednesday

    August 17. Wednesday

    Broth with snail pasta (T, Z, G)
    Fried ribs with honey and mustard, mashed potatoes with onions (M)
    A: Grilled curry-saffron cheese, mashed potatoes with onions (L)
    Apple pie (L, G, T)
  • August 18. Thursday

    August 18. Thursday

    Vegetable soup (G, T, Z)
    Kale Casserole (L)
    A: Vegan Kale Casserole (L, Z)
    Peach-yoghurt slice (L, G, T)
  • August 19. Friday

    August 19. Friday

    Strawberry cream soup (L)
    Fried fish, mashed potatoes (L, G, T)
    A: Tofu mixed salad (Wed, Mon)
    Bonfire (L, G, T)