Sketches on Duality

Sketches on Duality (AT)

Sketches on Duality is a hip hop / spoken word / jazz quintet straight out of Vienna’s vibrant music scene. The band project was founded in 2015 by musicians Helmut Mühlbacher (guitar), Felipe Scolfaro Crema (keys), Phillipp Kienberger (bass), Michael Prowaznik (drums) and Jahson The Scientist (vocals). They got to know each other during various events on stage, and their joint jam sessions soon turned into Sketches on Duality. “Stretch music” is the band’s definition for their blend of hip hop and jazz influences: “We use a lot of textures, we take from different genres, definitely. Everyone here has a jazz background, but they also have other loves, from rock to hip-hop (…). We’re not confining ourselves to what the sounds or a particular form of expression will be, we are just reaching for multiple spots at the same time.”

Their first album “Spectrum” was finally released in June 2019 on 9Star Records, following the single “Love Constant”. Media soon started to pay attention and they were featured as the Radio FM4 Soundpark Act of the Month. The band that defines soul as the quintessence of their music joined the INES talent program and announced several showcases in 2019, including Liverpool Sound City, Waves Vienna and Sonic Visions Festival in Luxemburg.