Sajba (HU)

Sajba - Electronic based worldmusic from Hungary

Sajba is a Hungarian ethno-ambient, electronic - acoustic, psy-folk group, founded in 2020 by three musicians from different genres (a world-music singer/multi-instrumentalist, an electronic music producer/guitarist and a jazz drummer)

They are using traditional (flutes, kaval, bagpipe, jaw-harp, saz, bouzouki, shaman-drum) and electronic (synths, synth percussion, e-drums and sequencers) instruments, from ambient-like deep pads, through downtempo neofolk, till psy-trance based folk-songs with powerful vocals on the top.

Influents: Dead Can Dance, Pink Floyd, Heilung, Wardruna, Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Vágtázó Halottkémek, Hans Zimmer, Faithless and folklore

Our name, Sajba, means a very unique tradition in Hungary and is played in darkness with a wooden disk. The name comes from the German word Die Scheibe (disk). This game is only known in a few sváb (german-hungarian) villages, like: Kismaros, Nagymaros

Their style is a mixture of new and old, technological and instinctive, mechanic and human. Lots of their lyrics are written by themselves but they play Hungarian folk-songs and poems in their own concept.

Their debut album called Tűzkör’ with 12 songs including ‘Ősapám’ a drum&bass based track with Attila József’s poems lyrics. This song has an official music video which has been selected to the competition of 

(the biggest Hungarian music video review)

You can find them in clubs, at electronic music festivals and also at world musical events.