Petruska zenekar

Petruska zenekar

Hungarian singer-songwriter András  Petruska creates a unique crossover style between traditional folk  music, 60’s British Invasion and modern folklore dance music. Petruska  songs reflections on everyday life by asking questions we all struggle  to answer. His engaging stage presence and virtuoso guitar playing made  Petruska one of Hungary’s most influential performer with nearly a  hundred gigs a year. In 2015 he was nominated for the Artisjus Junior Prize to honor his achievements as a composer.

He released his first record ‘Metropolita’ in  2014. The concept album paints an exceptional picture of the 21st  century Budapest through the eyes of generation Y. The video of the  song ‘Szent Gellért tér’ was nominated as Best Direction at the 1st Hungarian Music Video Awards and was listed in the Top10 chart of 2014 on, Hungary’s most popular news site.

Petruska’s second LP released in early 2016. The album entitled ‘Kapunyitó’ –  a wordplay referring to the term ‘quarterlife crisis’ – was inspired by  the composer’s 30th birthday and the challenges of his own generation.  The first single ‘Nyár (Most vidám igazán)’ is played by the Petőfi Radio, the second single ‘Trouble in My Mind’ was featured as a Top 4 finalist in the TV programme A Dal 2016 – the national song contest for Eurovision, where Petruska was also awarded for the Best New Artist Prize.  

Members of Petruska Band:

Tamás Borbély - bass guitar

Márton Egri - drums

Szabó Tamás - keys