Nero Kane

Nero Kane (IT)

Nero Kane is a psych dark folk songwriter. Both in his vocals and guitar style, his European roots intertwine with America’s desert sound in a project full of emotional visions and cinematic and ritual flavour. Kane’s music has achieved amazing international reviews and was depicted as a suspended and crepuscular journey particularly concerned with death, religion and love with a unique style and personality. His live sets are defined as shamanic, hypnotic and rich with beauty and intensity. Echoes of Swans, Nick Cave, Velvet Underground, Johnny Cash, Nico and Cold Meat Industry resound in a neo-expressionist pagan chant. 

Nero Kane’s debut album, Love In A Dying World (American Primitive, Los Angeles, 2018), was produced and recorded in Los Angeles by Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line, Skeleton Joe). Tales of Faith and Lunacy (Nasoni Records, Berlin, 2020), his second album, was produced and recorded near Venice by Matt Bordin (Squadra Omega, Italian Occult Psychedelia). His third, and most recent, studio album Of Knowledge and Revelation (Subsound Records, Rome, 2022), arrived in September and was created with the same team of the previous one in a fertile collaboration with producer Matt Bordin and visual artist, performer and filmmaker Samantha Stella, whose voice has been defined as “evoking the ghost of Nico”.

"One of the most qualitatively rich albums of the year that is about to end. Persuasive, seductive, alluring, but above all with great, very great personality. Pure melancholy. Cathartic. Desertic. Unsettling. Ritualistic. Religiously annihilating." Grind on the Road (IT), October 2022, 9/10

“Neo-expressionist pagan chant. Samantha Stella acts as a Nico in front of Coil and Popul Vuh, while Kane wears rigorous shamanic vestments, in an attempt to match Cohen with Jodorowsky.” Rumore (IT) printed edition September 2022, 80/100

 “Crossing melancholic and crepuscular lands, the duo carries us to intense atmospheres of morbid beauty. Amazing!" Metallian Underground (FR), printed edition Aug-Sept 2022, 4.5/5

"Kane and Stella might seem in some ways the Italian Michael Gira / Jarboe in their apocalyptic folk works.” OndaRock (IT), 7,5/10

“If the late productions of Nick Cave, Dead Can Dance and Velvet Underground may cross, the end result could be something like Of Knowledge and Revelation, bloody and unearthly at the same time. Like the musical equivalent of El Topo (Jodorowsky).” Inferno (FI) printed edition August 2022, 4/5

“With just three albums, Nero Kane has built a tangible and immediately recognizable musical universe, a clearly personal language, not made only of music and sounds, but capable to draw also from other cultural forms such as literature, cinema, painting.” Buscadero (IT)

“A somewhat strange and charming affair. A truly otherworldly experience. Incredibly hypnotic, once you are under their spell, there’s no turning back.” The Sleeping Shaman (UK)

“Nero Kane's music tends to be compared to paintings or films, in processes that resemble total works of art. Nero Kane doesn't make songs, but almost ritual homages. He relies once again on his congenial partner Samantha Stella, who not only takes care of the music video, but also provides vocal support to the project with her hypnotic voice, which many have rightly described as the reincarnation of Christa Päffgen alias Nico. Like the outstanding German artist, Samantha also has a peculiar magic in her voice, which runs through the songs evocatively and solemnly." Unter.Ton (DE)

Based in Milan (Italy), in the last five years Kane (electric guitar/vocals) and Stella (organ/mellotron/vocals) performed together in clubs, theaters, churches, museums and art galleries in Italy, Europe, the UK and Los Angeles. They have just ended the 2022 “Of Knowledge and Revelation” Europe and UK tour with shows taking place in those countries’ major cities (London, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Zagreb, Rome).