Kézdy Luca

Kézdy Luca


Luca Kézdy won the audience prize at the final of the 2006 Magyar Rádió jazz violin competition. Her background includes her education in classical music, as well as studies in aesthetics and philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE. Among others, she played music and worked in projects with the following musicians: János Nagy/Free Style Chamber Orchestra, Tibor Márkus/Equinox, Chris Potter, Stefano Di Battista, Sunna Gunnlaugs, Evelin Tóth, Zoltán Lantos, Ágnes, Tereskova, Special Providence, Valerie June (US ), Trio 1724 (H-Pl-A), János Varga Project, Ádám Török, Enerd3, Sequence (duo with drummer Péter Szendőfi).

She founded her own trio, Santa Diver in 2006 and performed at many foreign jazz festivals, including: Chelsea Music Festival (NYC), Voll Damm Festival Jazz Vic (ES), Gaume Jazz Festival (BE), Südtirol Jazzfestival (IT), Amersfoort World Jazz Festival (NL), Cairo Jazz Festival (EG), Sparks & Visions Jazzfestival (DE) and of course at all major domestic festivals and clubs. In December 2019, they gave a very successful concert in the Solti Hall of the Academy of Music.

She performed solo in Rome, at the All Frontiers in Gradisca and at the Kiezsalon festival in Berlin, among others. Opus Jazz Club, A38, Trafó, Óbuda Társaskör and Műcsarnok also gave her solo concerts a venue.

She regularly performs concerts worldwide, in 2016 she had a successful duo concert in New York with Chris Potter. In March 2017, she had an independent author's evening at the Palace of Arts. 2016-2022 - Violinist of the year, based on JazzMa.hu's musician, editorial or audience votes, in 2019 she received the Artisjus Performer's Award.

Her first solo album Home was released in December 2022, followed by her second album Unseen Landscapes in 2023. Her first solo exhibition was opened with the same title.