Kerekes Band

Kerekes Band

The Kerekes Band formed in the mid 90ies found its unique sound after the release of their second album. The style of theirs quoted by the members as ethno-funk melts together in itsself explosive energies: the freedom of jazz, the dynamics of rock, the rhythms of funk and drum'n'bass and the beauty of the simplicity of folk music. Its not by any chance, that the most regarded magazine specializing in world music ranged their latest album titled Pimasz released in May 2006 among the best ten new release albums.

Line up
Zsombor Fehér: recorder, saxophone
Csaba Námor: koboz
Ákos Csarnó: counter fiddle
Csaba Kónya: bass guitar
ViktoFehér r: drums

Hungarian Folk Music, 2001
"Fütyül a masina", 2003
Pimasz, 2006