The A38 Ship will presents the pop duo from London that is ahead of a truly promising future. IDER will be arriving in Budapest on November 19th. The music of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville is the true Y-generation rebellion, or they could be the synchro-sounds of it as they sincerely and casually sing the problems of their generation. Fresh and pulsating electro-pop with deeply vibrating bass and drums, starring naturally the two vocals.

The energy of their age is shaped by the way the Y-generation feels in everyday life: where their music is restrained, where they speak, and they can identify with life as much as melancholy. BBC Radio 1, Noisey, the New York Times, and a number of other important media have been picked up for the first time, and in Budapest the audience of the A38 Ship can enjoy their live performance for the very first time. There are only two things left to do: engrave the release of the 19 July album and our November concert date. IDER is a production that we will surely hear a lot later, and it will not be any more if we love something before it becomes really big.