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Aze (AT)

Apart from each other they are Beyza and Ezgi, together they form Aze. They grew up together and have been making music for 10 years. They say the more time you spend with a person the more like them you become. This allowed two rather different personalities to grow alongside while maintaining a nearly identical core – Music as the Golden Middle. Aze is alive because two independent artists put their heart and soul on the table and each person brings their own preference and habits into play.

So instead of limiting themselves to only one Genre, they choose to welcome life’s fluctuations. RnB, Jazz and Hip Hop have a heavy influence on their sound just as much as oriental music does. Every Genre, every instrument and every language has the potential of new ways of producing sound and feelings. Music offers “space” to feel, to speak up and to process. That’s why a lot of their songs discuss topics starting from hopeless love to struggling in between two cultures growing up. 

After a year of hard work and continuously trying to find out who they want to be musically, the Duo Aze is now presenting their first EP – Dead Heat. The EP consists of five songs. Ezgi wrote the lyrics and Beyza composed the songs and produced them. Three of the songs were recorded and produced in collaboration with Jakob Herber (Flut, Culk, Anger). He also mixed the EP. The mastering was done by Martin Scheer. 


Beyza grew up listening to lots of hip hop and RnB and started making her own music back

in 2011 when she got her first electric guitar. She never took any guitar lessons, because she

was way too impatient and just wanted to start making sounds and didn’t want to waste

her time trying to study the music theory first - she plays off of what she feels and hears. Tue

importance of not just focusing on one specific genre but being open to take elements from all of the genres - even the ones that she doesn't usually listen to - is tremendous. When it comes to playing the guitar, the genres that she enjoys the most are neo soul, RnB, hip hop and Jazz.


Ezgi - Melody, Harmony, Sound. As a musician one could probably not dream of a better meaning for their own name. Just like her name already tells, music plays a very important role in Ezgi’s life. A lot of her old VHC Tapes capture Ezgi singing songs straight into

the camera. Ever since she has been on her own journey with music - from being the

lead vocalist in class to giving guitar lessons, music, and especially singing, has always been a big part of her life. Her inspirations come primarily from Rnb, Jazz and Pop, but of

course growing up around Turkish music also influenced her.