Random Trip feat The Hoo (DE/Berlin/) w/ Andy Hefler (Kéknyúl), Kollányi Zsuzsi (Garami Funky Staff), Mc Zeek (Rewind)

Best students of Miles Davis playing truly imrovised funk, jazz, underground and overground stuff featuring some of the best young musicians of the town from the leading bands on the Hungarian scene.

Guest starring a great band from Berlin, The Hoo!

You can have a special occasional menu with the concert at our restaurant. The two choices are

Roast pork grilled with pepper sauce and croquettes.

Grilled chicken breast and mixed salad with yogurt.

Admission fee with dinner: 2200 Ft.
Admission fee without dinner: 700 Ft.

Random Trip

Featuring the best local musicians from today’s vibrant hip hop – nu jazz – dub – d’n’b – rock scene, Random Trip is the perfect meeting point for all who love free, experimental music. 
Various under- and overground vocalists and instrumentalists from leading bands get together week by week in downtown Budapest as well as in other major cities for a late-night jam session to show their audience all music from a different angle.

Random Trip spans across various music styles like funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, nu jazz, rock’n’roll etc., with local and sometimes international musicians joining constant members Delov Jávor (drums) and DJ Q-Cee - the formation is totally random each time. Such great musicians have joined the line-up so far like Peter Legath (Count Basic), Brandon Fields (Tower of Power, George Benson, Dave Weckl Band, etc.), Schradinova /NL/, Timo Lassy (Five Corners Quintet), iLLspokinn /USA/, etc.


The Hoo (DE)

The Hoo is an Italo/French Futuristic-Funk crew based in Berlin, Neukölln.
Formed around Anthony Malka (keys), Tristano Pala (vocals and flute) and Uele Carboni (bass) with also Alex Sitnikov (drums) & Andrea Puddu (guitar), this collective mixes influences coming from jazz, funk, hip hop & electronic music. Not only talented composers, their live performance is a real charge of dynamite.

Formed in February 2012, they already conquered the Berlin underground performing in legendary venues such as Astra, SO36, Lido, Badehaus, Lovelite, Tausend Bar, Nhow Berlin, Wilde Renate. They also toured in Italy in August 2012 and they played at the Fusion Festival 2013. Lately The Hoo is supporting as a backing-band the German MC Flowin Immo.

Tristano Pala - vocals and flute
Uele Carboni - bass and backing vocals
Alex Sitnikov - drums
Andrea Puddu - guitar
(Anthony Malka - keys and noise // he's not going to come)

The Hoo – My Degeneration (LP) (March 2013)
The Hoo - My Re-generation Vol.I - (Remix EP) (May 2013)


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