Ladánybene 27 - Marley 69

Feat. Oláh Dezső, Hascu Bratosin (RO), Mr.Roul NO (P), MC Kemon, Dubaku Band, Selecta Áfonya meets MC Kemon

A huge joy-festivity in the name of the greatest reggae musician, philosopher, rebel, it is the king of reggae featuring some the best and most devoted acts and actors in the region.

The ticket for 4000 HUF includes a Bob Marley book.

Ladánybene 27

Ladánybene 27 – or LB27 as quoted on the internatioanl scene – is Hungary’s number one reggae band. Formed back in 1985 they won a talent-contest in 1988 which brought them popuilarity. In 1990 they signed to PolyGram, and have been in the close up of the local scene and a recognized band in internatioanal terms at the same time since.

Their songs have become very popular, some of them real „reggae-hymns” and real hits, as the Rastafari or the Kell egy ház, a Natural Ites-remake. They gave more full-house gigs on the A38, and their last October one was the celebration of their 20th anniversary.

Line up
RasTamás Árokszállási: drums
Tibor Bodnár: guitar, vocals
Zoltán Bokó: keyboards
István Hertelendi : bass guitar
Miksa: vocals
Brandy Lewy: keyboards, vocals

Reggae, 1991
II., 1993
Live, 1994
Van még a világon, 1995
Bob Marley emlékére, 1996
Pozitív, 1996
Kell egy ház, 1998
The Best of, 1998
Reggaekirakat, 2001
Links to Babylon, 2002

Oláh Dezső

Dubaku Band

An outrageously talented young ska band following the footsteps of great ancestors not only in the field of the two-tone music but  living and understanding music as a true socxal role, sense of social gathering, happyness and fun.

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