Venue hire

Due to its special characteristics and interior design, A38 Ship has become a popular event venue in Budapest, made unforgettable for all by its excellent view, the closeness of the river Danube and the quality of services.

Jázmin Kéri
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Judit Kulcsár

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With a huge spatial capacity, infrastucture, and the complexity of our services, A38 Ship is available for any kinds of events from small private parties to large business or scientific conferences with up to hundreds of guests.

Our creative and experienced colleagues can help you find the ideal solution for your event from the endless possibilities we offer.

The restaurant and our officially world-class bars (Lonely Planet’s ”World’s Best Bar” 2012) can satisfy all your catering needs. Thematic menus are created by our chef in a way to suit the vision and requirements of each customer, and we can serve several different events at the same time with meticolous attention and care due to our well-equipped kitchens.

The outstanding audio, visual and video gear of A38 is not only available for use but can be a part of artistic solutions in any room and even the outside of the Ship to make your event truly special.

We also offer a wide range of additional services, and have the connections to hire popular contemporary entertainers of all types to appear at your event.

As an official stop of BKK ships, A38 is a part of Budapest public transport service, but can also be easily accessed by all means of transportation regardless of current traffic conditions.

A38 offers the professional organisation and production of the following events, at one or more location at the same time:

  • conferences, professional lectures and trainings
  • receptions and dinners
  • press conferences and presentations
  • partner meetings
  • commercial, movie and television shootings
  • weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, and other private parties
  • concerts, fashion shows, art performances


Exhibition Space

Capacity: 100 ppl (sitting) or 150 ppl (standing)

This is a room with snow-white walls and furniture and one huge panoramic window overlooking the river Danube can provide a spectacular environment for events of 100 to 150 people. It can be separated into three equal-sized, separately accessible minor rooms, and the window can be blinded.

This room is perfectly suitable for press conferences and cultural events like symposiums, movie and book clubs, literary events, forums and vernissages.

Panorama Restaurant and Terrace

100 ppl (sitting) or 200 ppl (standing)
Terrace (only in the summer): 50 ppl (sitting) or 80 ppl (standing)

A38 restaurant has is equipped with quality wooden furniture made of teak, and two huge soundproof panoramic glass walls on both long sides, with a unique view to the Millennium Towers and the National Theatre. It’s a spacious, bright, elegant room with different shades of brown. The panorama windows can be blinded. Its special feature is a modern panorama terrace located above the Danube.

It’s ideal for business lunches, but also recommended for banquets, receptions, conferences, parties, weddings and other festive events, and larger press conferences.

Concert Hall

Capacity: 240 ppl (sitting) or 600 ppl (standing)

Our concert hall has world-class built-in audio, visual and video equipment with unique acoustic solutions and it’s 100% soundproof. It is a one-area hall functionally designed and can easily be transformed with different equipments and technical solutions.

It is perfect for conferences, award and fashion shows, receptions and concerts. Its advantage is that you can use it as a separated plenary lecture hall, and the related bars can be used as unique section rooms.

Bow Terrace with a cocktail bar

Capacity: 60 ppl (sitting) or 150 ppl (standing)

The Bow Terrace is a partially covered terrace located at the bow of the Ship. From here you can see Budapest from a special perspective and it has a beautiful view of the bridges of the Danube. It can be separeted from the others areas of the ship in case of private events.

We recommend it for everybody who is looking for a place with industrial design details to throw a birthday party or small gatherings with friends from spring to mid-autumn.

Roof Terrace

Capacity: 150 ppl (sitting) or 250 ppl (standing)

It is located at the highest point of A38 Ship, above the restaurant with a great view of the city and the river Danube. It is entirely covered with rain-proof walls that can be opened, and has a bar and a separated VIP area.

The Roof Terrace is ideal to accomodate live music events, parties, gala events, shows and large gatherings with buffet dinners from spring to autumn.

Motor Bar

Capacity: 50 ppl (sitting) or 80 ppl (standing)

This private room has the authentic original athmosphere of the Ship. The original dash panel, the diesel engine and the custom-built equipment, as well as the special lighting make it extravagant.

It is suitable for corporate meetings, small workshops, press conferences, presentations, seminars, birthdays and other private events for smaller groups. It is located in the back of the ship, right behind the Concert Hall. It can be approached via the Concert Hall and can also be completely separated from it.

Bow Bar

Capacity: 30 ppl (sitting) or 50 ppl (standing)

The bar is located at the bow (front) of the ship. It is a small but spectacularly designed bar with minimalist furnitures and funky posters.

It provides a youthful and relaxed atmosphere It is suitable for informal and/or corporate events and small gatherings. During major events it perfectly complements the Concert Hall.