January 21. - 27.

Two-course offer every weekday between 12:00-15:00 for 1300 HUF

  • January 21. Monday

    January 21. Monday

    Cabbage bean soup
    Pork chop with Steak potatoes in Óvári style
    Vegetarian: Fried mushroom heads with steak potatoes
    Bird milk with foie gras
  • January 22. Tuesday

    January 22. Tuesday

    Broccoli cream soup
    "Borzas" chicken breast with rice
    Vegetarian: "Borzas" zucchini with rice
    Poppy seed with vanilla twig
  • January 23. Wednesday

    January 23. Wednesday

    Tomato soup
    Chicken leg wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes
    Vegetarian: Mini spring roll with mashed potatoes
    "Képviselő" donut
  • January 24. Thursday

    January 24. Thursday

    Green bean soup Hungariasn Style
    Chicken breast marinated in yogurt with vegetables and bulgur
    Vegetarian: Four cheese penne
    Cottage cheese mousse with walnut sponge
  • January 25. Friday

    January 25. Friday

    Turkey breast wild sauce with spaghetti
    Vegetarian: Vegetable ragout with wild spaghetti
    Homemade apple strudel