November 11. - 17.

Every weekday between 12:00 and 15:00 two course menu offer for 1600 HUF or three courses with dessert for 1950 HUF

  • November 11. Monday

    November 11. Monday

    Our restaurant closes at 5 pm
    Mushroom cream soup
    Pork and potato Brasov style
    Vegetarian: Tuna penne
    Cottage cheese pelmeni
  • November 12. Tuesday

    November 12. Tuesday

    Pork goulash/Vegetable soup
    Cauliflower casserole
    Vegetarian: Fried cauliflower with rice and tartar sauce
    Sour cherry strudel
  • November 13. Wednesday

    November 13. Wednesday

    Restaurant closes at 4 PM
    Egg barley soup (vegetarian version also available)
    Paprika chicken with noodles
    Vegetarian: Forest-mushroom risotto
    Walnut sponge cake with fruit sauce
  • November 14. Thursday

    November 14. Thursday

    Our restaurant closes at 4.30 pm
    Broth with goose noodles/Kohlrabi soup with sour cream
    Potato topping with chicken breast
    Vegetarian: Potato topping with vegetables
    Rice shell with mango sauce
  • November 15. Friday

    November 15. Friday

    Corn cream soup with cheese filling
    Pork with steamed rice Mátra style
    Vegetarian: Zucchini potato chops with steamed rice
    Poppy noodle with cranberry jam