March 18. - 24.

Every weekday between 12:00 and 15:00 two course menu offer for 1300 HUF or three courses with dessert for 1550 HUF

  • March 18. Monday

    March 18. Monday

    Spring vegetable soup
    Chicken paprika with noodles and nettle
    Vegetarian: Grilled vegetables in a tube with pearl barley
  • March 19. Tuesday

    March 19. Tuesday

    Cauliflower soup with coriander
    Chicken breast with corn rice
    Vegetarian: Zucchini with corn rice
    Panna Cotta
  • March 20. Wednesday

    March 20. Wednesday

    Green peas with hot dog
    Vegetarian: Green peas with falafell
    Apple strudel
  • March 21. Thursday

    March 21. Thursday

    Holstein pork chop with steak potatoes
    Vegetarian: Holstein tofu with steak potatoes
    Coconut mousse

    Due to a private event, we cannot welcome guests after 15:00
  • March 22. Friday

    March 22. Friday

    Dill kebab soup
    Csaba chop with mayonnaise potatoes
    Vegetarian: Grilled smoked cheese with mayonnaise potatoes
    Poppy seed dough