January 13. - 19.

Every weekday between 12:00 and 15:00 two course menu offer for 1600 HUF or three courses with dessert for 1950 HUF

  • January 13. Monday

    January 13. Monday

    Vegetable soup
    Balinese pastry with chicken
    Vegetarian: Balinese Fried Pasta with Vegetables
    Sliced pancakes
  • January 14. Tuesday

    January 14. Tuesday

    Cauliflower cream soup with curry
    Zucchini salmon lasagne
    Vegetarian: Zucchini lasagne
    Apple pie
  • January 15. Wednesday

    January 15. Wednesday

    Broth with basil fridatta
    Pumpkin with duck risotto
    Vegetarian: Pumpkin with parmesan risotto
    Bird milk panna cotta
  • January 16. Thursday

    January 16. Thursday

    Pea cream soup
    Green bean casserole with meat
    Vegetarian: Green bean casserole without meat
    Blueberry noodle with sweet sour cream
  • January 17. Friday

    January 17. Friday

    Palóc vegetable soup
    Honey-mustard chicken breast with fragrant rice
    Vegetarian: Fried mushrooms with fragrant rice and tartare
    Walnut bread with vanilla cream
  • January 18. Saturday

    January 18. Saturday

    Restaurant open till 5 pm