July 15. - 21.

Every weekday between 12:00 and 15:00 two course menu offer for 1300 HUF or three courses with dessert for 1550 HUF

  • July 15. Monday

    July 15. Monday

    Cauliflower soup with croutons
    Green peas "Stefania" with pepper
    Vegetarian: Green peas with fried egg
    Cottage cheese strudel
  • July 16. Tuesday

    July 16. Tuesday

    Bone soup with goose leg noodles
    Cordon bleu with corn rice
    Vegetarian: Grill cheese with corn rice and mayonnaise
    Somlói glass cream
  • July 17. Wednesday

    July 17. Wednesday

    Frankfurt soup
    Fried chicken breast with mozzarella and tomato mixed salad
    Vegetarian: Zucchini stuffed with vegetables
    Carrot cake
  • July 18. Thursday

    July 18. Thursday

    Cold raspberry soup with citrus foam
    Vegetarian: Penne all arrabbiata
    Panna cotta
  • July 19. Friday

    July 19. Friday

    Broccoli cream soup
    Bakony pork chop with pike
    Vegetarian: Egg noodles with lettuce salad
    Sour cherry pie