September 16. - 22.

Every weekday between 12:00 and 15:00 two course menu offer for 1300 HUF or three courses with dessert for 1550 HUF

  • September 16. Monday

    September 16. Monday

    Green pea cream soup with basil
    Potato casserole
    Vegetarian: Bulgur salad with roasted vegetables
    Cocoa and coconut cake
  • September 17. Tuesday

    September 17. Tuesday

    Celery soup with apple
    Rice meat from Bácska
    Vegetarian: Mushroom risotto
    Rice puff with raspberry sauce
  • September 18. Wednesday

    September 18. Wednesday

    Frankfurt soup
    Fried chicken breast with sesame seeds and mashed potatoes
    Vegetarian: Fried zucchini with sesame seeds and mashed potatoes
    Cottage cheese cake
  • September 19. Thursday

    September 19. Thursday

    Bone soup with snail noodles
    Spaghetti Bolognese
    Vegetarian: Spaghetti di pomodoro
    Jam slippers
  • September 20. Friday

    September 20. Friday

    Cauliflower soup
    Slice of poer and letcho with rice
    Vegetarian: Letcho with rice
    Vanilla pudding