Starters and soup

Forest mushroom soup with red wine and sorrel leaves served with bread 1 450 Ft
Marrow with toast and lambs-lettuce salad 1 450 Ft
Grilled sheep cheese with salad of chicory, fresh apple and Dijon-vinaigrette 2 250 Ft

Main courses

Roasted beetroot with cramaelized chestnut, turnip-purée and blue cheese flakes 1 950 Ft
Roasted beetroot with cramaelized chestnut and turnip-purée 1 800 Ft
Rib-eye steak with green pepper sauce and grilled squash 5 650 Ft
Breaded pork chop with parsley potatoes mixed with leek 1 950 Ft
Thyme and rosemary flavoured pork-sausage with smashed potatoes, endive and bacon 1 950 Ft
Buttermilk dipped catfish with grilled squash and crispy kale 2 950 Ft
Upside down pie with honey caramelized onion and goat cheese 2 450 Ft
Chicken nuggets with triple cooked fries and braised red cabbage with apple 1 950 Ft
Pearl barley mixed with forest mushrooms, courgette and parsley in risotto style 1 800 Ft
Oven roasted brown-ale chicken leg with carrots and lentils 1 800 Ft


Meat platter by the Chef 1 800 Ft
Cheese platter by the Chef 1 800 Ft
Fresh vegetable platter 1 400 Ft

Snacks and extras for plates

Pumpkin-cream 550 Ft
Breaded meatballs "goulasch" style (7 pcs) with horseraddish-sour cream 1 350 Ft
Breaded cheese bies (3 pcs) with classic "Tartar sauce" 1 350 Ft
Beetroothummus 550 Ft
Fennel and red wine flavoured pork-sausage (1 pc) with coarse mustard 650 Ft
Sage and bluecheese flavoured pork-sausage (1 pc) with coarse mustard 650 Ft
Pickles from the kitchen 550 Ft
Rustic bread with butter 350 Ft
Triple cooked fries 550 Ft


Spicy ketchup 200 Ft
Coarse mustard 200 Ft
Creamy mayonnaise 200 Ft
Horseraddish-sour cream 200 Ft
Classic "Tartar sauce" with pickles 200 Ft


Somlói trüffelcream with ladyfingers 1 150 Ft
Chocolate cake with orange and hints of chili 1 150 Ft
Crispy coated pear with vanilla scoop and caramel 1 250 Ft
Apple pie with fresh whipped cream 1 150 Ft