Starters and Soups

Pot soup with beef 1 450 Ft
Orange infused beetroot creamsoup with camembert bites 1 450 Ft
Tenderloin with flap mushroom served on a scone 3 350 Ft
Flap mushrooms with garlic served on a scone 1 450 Ft
Honey-yogurt mixed salad with smoked salmon 2 650 Ft
Fried strudel dough filled with "Hortobágyi" style stew 1 450 Ft

Main Courses

Butterfish slices with pea textures and purple potato gnocchi with wine&butter sauce 3 950 Ft
Fried, parmesan-breaded pullet breast with jasmine rice and mixed salad 2 450 Ft
Duck leg confit with purple cabbage-cream and mini scone 3 450 Ft
Coarse mustard soused clod confit with homemade cottage cheese noodles 2 850 Ft
Chicken supreme with French toast 2 450 Ft
Black spaghetti with king prawns (5 pcs) 3 450 Ft
Pappardelle with flap mushrooms 2 450 Ft
Pappardelle with flap mushrooms and tenderloin 4 350 Ft
Pulled pork sandwich with steak potatoes and coleslaw 2 250 Ft

Kids Menu

"I'm not hungry": Breaded camembert with jasmine rice and blueberry jam 1 750 Ft
"I don't know": Breaded chicken breast with steak potatoes and ketchup 1 750 Ft


Pickled beetroot 400 Ft
Pickled cucumber 400 Ft
Mixed pickles 400 Ft


Purple potato gnocchi, white wine infused butter sauce 790 Ft
Jasmine rice and fresh mixed salad with yogurt 790 Ft
Jasmine rice 790 Ft
Mini scone and purple cabbage-cream 790 Ft
French toast 790 Ft
Cottage cheese noodles 790 Ft
Steak potatoes & ketchup 790 Ft


Ketchup 200 Ft
Mustard 200 Ft
Mayo 200 Ft
BBQ 200 Ft


Green tea raspberry-cream on sponge cake 1 750 Ft
Chestnut-pyramid 1 750 Ft
Tokaji mousse with apple blanquette 1 750 Ft
Chocolate mousse with Orange blanquette 1 750 Ft