Zenére éhesen? Koncert+vacsora az A38 Hajón 2015

Jaga Jazzist (Ninja Tune, NO), Kozmodrum (HR)

One of the most important formations of Scandinavian nu jazz, the Norwegian Jaga Jazzist celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new album, all-cd box release and of course a great European tour. Their new Starfire is also released by the Ninja Tune, and is as diverse and rich as their former ones. Support comes by the Croatian organic dance music band Kozmodrum.

Dinner offer:

Duck breast steak with pumpkin risotto

Jaga Jazzist (Ninja Tune) (NO)

Plenty of your hipper bands might vary their influences list with acts like Tortoise, Charles Mingus, and the Neptunes just to prove they are cool. With the risky, sprawling, and somehow serene Jaga Jazzist, you can actually hear it. The ten-piece jazz-meets-electronics band from Norway came to life in 1994 when their main brain and songwriter, Lars Horntveth, was only 14. Two years later their debut album, Jævla Jazzist Grete Stitz, appeared, and Norwegians got their first taste of the band's combination of jazz chops and electronic quirkiness. Two years after that the Magazine EP appeared, but it was 2001's A Livingroom Hush that grabbed all the attention due to rave reviews and distribution by Warner Bros. in their homeland. Coldcut's label, Ninja Tune, picked the album up for worldwide distribution in 2002 and BBC radio listeners crowned it the Jazz Album of the Year.

The remix-based Animal Chin appeared at the end of 2002 and was followed in 2003 by Stix, an album that found the band using more electronics without the help of remixers. What We Must followed in 2005 before a five-year break took the band out of the studio and off the road. Jaga Jazzist returned in 2010 with One-Armed Bandit, featuring new recruit Stian Westerhus on guitar, though he left the group after that recording. The band's next project was its most ambitious to date: a concert recording with the 25-member Britten Sinfonia, which found the group in a sprawling, colorful collaboration with one of England's finest modern classical orchestras to present something that stretched the creative boundaries of both groups. The recorded evidence, Live with the Britten Sinfonia, was issued in May of 2013. A suite of songs based on the constellations, and how views of the stars change around the globe, the 2015 album Starfire was influenced by Horntveth's move from Norway to Los Angeles.

Kozmodrum (CRO)

We call it Organic Dance Music, but you can call it whatever you like. Music vocabulary taken from styles such as Techno, House, Jungle, Dubstep is used to create and form new structures. At the same time, the tradition of jazz and fusion music is seamed in to the architecture of what musicians in Kozmodrum use to work out the beats and music. The main influence of this group is electronic music, but the main tools to perform this music are instruments that are considered traditional in many ways; guitars, drums, keyboards. Compositions are made to be played openly, in what jazz musicians call a “vamp”, where the beat is played in a loop until a cue is given to make a change or move to another part. The pieces are often minimalistic to start with, but evolve during the performance in to more complex patterns, harmonies and melodies. Psychedelic element is added by one member of the group who uses all the raw signals from musicians and with them creates a new soundscape through the use of various dubbing effects.

Constant shifts between the natural and the artificial, organized and improvised, quiet and loud; all this you will hear during the mantric performance of Kozmodrum. From this planet we will go to a journey, together, where there is only one experience left, and it is - Kozmodrum.

Line up:
Elvis Penava - guitar
Ivan Kapec - guitar
Goran Delač - bass
Hrvoje Galler - keyboards
Janko Novoselić - drums
Damir Babojelić - FOH soundengineer


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