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  • Mateja

    A quiet, refined and always helping personality was part of the life on the Ship for half a year. She came, she helped, worked, and smiled all the time. We talked to our volunteer Mateja after she returned to Ljubljana….

  • A38 Ship: Expanding Boundaries

    The Budapest based and Trans European Halles member venue A38 Ship expands its space, physical boundaries and cultural activity on the river Danube. In November 2010 a newly built „float” will be linked to the A38 Ship and will give a home to contemporary art exhibitions, performances and cultural events. The new construction will also serve as a dock for fluvial and scheduled touristic boats. On September the 20th the float will leave the shipyard in Nyergesujfalu, then the construction works will continue in Ujpest and finally in the beginning of November the new building of the A38 will open its gates for the visitors. Most of the financial support for this new construction was provided by the European Union.

  • A38 Audio Studio

    Recordings are made in the climatised, acoustically designed concert hall (300 m2). Mixing and mastering are done in the separate studio on the upper level. The acoustic design of the concert hall allows the recording of professional material without compromises.