Useful information, tips for people with disabilities to get in and out of the way. It is important that you provide us with information about your arrival and any assistance you may need at least two hours before your arrival.

Reach us at:
Phone: 06 1 464-3940

Priority access
To avoid crowding and to get more relaxed access please get in the doorway if you need help as indicated above. Upon arrival we will provide you with access from to the outside.

Arrival to the A38 Ship
On the lower quay of Buda near the entrance of the Ship there is a parking place for disabled guests. This is not only for people with disabilities, but also for other people with a disability card (with a disabled person's parking card). Please take care when you're out to park here. You can only use the parking space with a parking permit!

If you are parked on the upper quay or you arrive by BKV then 13 stairs will take you to the lower quay of Buda (the Southern side of the Petőfi Bridge). If you are using a manual wheelchair or other that are difficult to use on the stairs or cross the pedestrian crossing the crew of the A38 will help you to get down and up the stairs.

From the stairs (after crossing the signal lantern at the pedestrian crossing) up to the entrance of the A38 you will have to do a 100-meter long cobblestone walkway.

Then there is a 20 meter long stair-less bridge with a tilted angle depending on the water level of the Danube. If you need help here please feel free to call the A38 staff.

The inside traffic of the A38 Ship is happening on four levels:

Level 0 (arrival)
Info desk, ticket office

Level -1
Niche bar, cloakroom, concert hall, non-barrier-free washbasins

Level 1
Bowling alley, restaurant, terrace, barrier-free and non-barrier-free washbasins

Level 2
Roof terrace

+ the exhibition hall with barrier-free and non-barrier-free washbasins

Beside the stairs between levels there is a barrier on both sides to help secure traffic. If you are using a wheelchair you can approach the exhibition hall and the roof terrace with a BKP-3 platform stairway. It's the only portable and tilting hoist in the world. The hoist will help you with any obstacles. The unique lifting surface makes it possible to use all types of wheelchairs such as an electric, adult, child or sports wheelchair. The staircase has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg.

You can reach the other levels and venues (Concert Hall, Orrbár, Orrterasz, Restaurant) with the stairlift (VIMEC V65). The stairlift meets in all respects the requirements of the current MSZ EN 81-40 standard. The maximum lift capacity of the lift is 200kg. The stairlift is suitable for transporting wheelchairs up to 70 cm wide and 83 cm long.

Handling of the stairlifts and the stairways requires a professional, so ask for help at the info desk.

On the A38 Boat there are 2 barrier-free washbasins one beside the restaurant on the 1st level and the other one next to the showroom, between the male and female washbasins. The washbasins, if they are closed, can be opened by a colleague at the info desk.

The interior of the A38 boat can be viewed here.

Other useful information
It is sensitive to note that we use strong sound and light effects on the concerts, and a mosquito machine works depending on the concert, the smoke liquid we use is water-based, leaves no stains, is odorless, harmless to health.

Earplugs are available at the Info Desk free of charge from the ticket collector on request.

Ask our staff for Braille writing menu and list of drinks.
Blind guide and helper dogs can stay in any area of the guesthouse without muzzle.

The exhibition space is equipped with an induction loop, please indicate your request.

If you have further questions, you can ask for any of the above mentioned contact details or if you think there is any other information that would help you or someone else, please let us know. Answering questions via email will be provided within 4 hours during daytime.