Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy tickets for A38 events?

You can purchase tickets on the ship in person or online on our website with a card.

Are there any tickets left for the show I have chosen?

As long as there are any tickets left, the event page on our website contains a BUY TICKETS link. If that button disappears, it means that the show is sold out.

Can I pay with a card?

Yes, you can buy tickets with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Electron and Maestro, if they support online payment and you can also use your card in our reastaurant and bars.

What should I do, if I purchase my ticket online?

To enter the show, you should have your ticket with you either printed or on the display of your smartphone, so we can read the bar code and let you in.

Purchasing via internet is not a game. What are the references?

The online purchasing system of the A38 Ship’s website is provided by one of the most trusted domestic ticket seller. OTP Bank Rt. was the first to appear on the domestic market by handling credit card transactions. Ten thousand of Credit card owners used and use this type of ticket purchasing, and this number is growing.

Can I have an invoice with my purchase?

Yes, both if you buy in person, and online. For an online invoice, please tick the box and fill in your data at your ACCOUNT SETTINGS. By online purchase you declare that you accept the e-invoice billed by Zászlóshajó Kft. Please keep in mind that we can create your invoice during the purchase process only and we can't do it AFTER the purchase.

Can I ask for a refund, if a show is cancelled or rescheduled?

Of course, we give a 100% refund for tickets for cancelled or rescheduled events.

Can I ask for a refund if I change my mind?

No, we can only give you a refund if a show is cancelled or rescheduled.

Can I reserve tickets?

No. If you want to see the show, you should buy the tickets as soon as you can.


I’m underage, can I come to see a show?

All events (if not indicated otherwise) are for people above 16. If you are below 16, you should either have one of your parents with you or a major who has an authorisation with your parents signature declaring that they trust the person to take responsibility of you.

Is there any face control or dress code at A38?

No, you can come as you please.

Appearance of audience in public broadcast or recording

Please note that visitors of A38 Ship consent to their filming and sound recording as members of the audience. By entering the ship you agree to being filmed or photographed which may be used for public broadcast or promotional purposes.

Where can I reserve a table for dinner/drinks?

To reserve a table, please call our restaurant at 0036 1 464 3946 or write an email to .

Where can I park my car or bike?

See the CONTACT US section.

How can I reach A38 at night?

Tram 6 is a nonstop line which is very near to the ship. For more options, see the CONTACT US section.

Can I bring my baby?

Of course. We even give him or her earplugs, because it may really loud at concerts.

Can I bring my dog along?

You can bring your dog in a lead to the ship, but you cannot enter all areas with it. Bigger dogs must wear a muzzle.

The wifi is not working, what can be the problem?

Before you can use the wifi, you have to check-in to our homepage. Simply refresh the browser on your phone and press the button.

Is there a place for smokers?

Yes, we have many terraces suitable for smokers, even one (the bow terrace) with heaters in the winter and a bar to satisfy all your needs.

Where can I buy an A38 T-shirt?

You can buy tons of A38 merch at the Info desk.


I lost my wallet. Who can I turn to?

All found items are returned to the info. You can come back for inquiries or call us from the next day on anytime when we are open on 0036 1 464 3940.

Where can I board BKK ships?

BKK ships stop at A38’s port, at the terrace down next to the Exhibition Space.

When will my favourite band perform?

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